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MLCS3 are experts at delivering large scale building surveys and have over 15 years' experience in undertaking and managing surveys ranging in stock sizes from 50 to over 20,000. The key to delivering a successful asset management strategy is in the detail; and understanding exactly what assets you have, the condition they are in and how they benchmark against current legislation and standards is critical information that is used to inform and provide the basis of your asset management strategy.

The success of a stock survey is driven by the quality of surveyors employed and having the correct processes in place to ensure the client and property occupants receive a 1st class service. All the surveyors employed at MLCS3 are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, providing the added reassurance our surveyors are fully qualified and competent to undertake building condition surveys. We also pride ourselves on having the ability to offer a range of other services as all of our surveyors are P402 asbestos qualified, fire risk assessment trained and qualified energy assessors. In addition, we recognise the importance of the interface with the building occupants and are fully CRB checked and have years of experience of working in occupied properties and communicating with the building users to ensure they are fully informed with regard to the extent and purpose of the survey.

The processes we have developed to deliver a successful survey are equally robust and we manage the entire process from inception through to completion. A Freephone helpdesk facility is available to manage enquires throughout the project and a client web portal is available for the building occupants to arrange the survey time to suit their day schedule. Every stage of the process has been meticulously designed to ensure you receive the best possible service with minimal disruption to your business and can be tailored to reflect your specific requirements.

We have experience in undertaking large scale surveys in the following areas:

Traditional Stock Condition SurveysREAD MORE

MLCS3 offers a complete service from the initial scoping client requirements, survey management and delivery to the final reporting and presentation of results. We also have the skills and expertise to develop the results into strategies and prepare programmes of capital works to be executed on site. Typically the survey outputs are to:
  • Establish existing condition and identify future repairs and maintenance liabilities of properties
  • Identify any Health and Safety Issues
  • Generate lifecycle costs for business planning purposes and stock valuation
  • Assess existing condition in accordance with government standards (Decent Homes/WHQS/SHQS)
  • Measure existing and potential energy efficiency and performance
  • For the purpose of securing additional finance
Offering this capability to combine survey disciplines at the same time ensures we are very cost effective, but more importantly minimises disruption and any inconvenience to occupants by avoiding more than one survey.

Energy Efficiency Surveys and EPC'sREAD MORE

Driven by Government and the European Union, understanding the energy efficiency performance of our existing buildings is becoming increasingly fundamental to any asset management team. MLCS3 surveyors are all qualified and accredited energy assessors, qualified to produce domestic EPC's (Energy Performance Certificates), Commercial EPC's and Display Energy Certificates for public buildings. Having been involved with energy at Government level since 2006, MLCS3 are well equipped and informed to assist with the development of carbon reduction plans, Greendeal Plans and have the IT capabilities to measure energy performance of an entire stock and model carbon emission outputs based upon recommended improvements measures.

Fire Risk Assessments (IFE Approved)READ MORE

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which came into effect in October 2006, introduced new legal responsibilities for property landlords and building managers. The requirement for the responsible person to carry out a fire safety risk assessment and implement and maintain a fire management plan has in itself created new challenges for asset management teams. MLCS3 surveyors have completed training courses approved by Institution of Fire Engineers and are experienced in undertaking FRA's (Fire Risk Assessments) to a range of buildings portfolios within the commercial and social housing sector. The ability to capture and record this data electronically offers the added benefit of analysing all outstanding actions and priorities to assist with formulating a fire risk strategy. Providing this service, goes beyond undertaking the physical FRA and we have the experience and knowledge to assist with the development of fire management plans. In addition, our expertise is enhanced by our Associate Consultants who are members of Institution of Fire Engineers and Institute of Fire Safety Managers.

P402 Asbestos SurveysREAD MORE

As a landlord, there is a legal duty to manage asbestos which is detailed in Regulation 4 of the "Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006". MLCS3 surveyors are all P402 qualified to undertake asbestos "Management Surveys" (Sampling and Non Sampling) and asbestos "Refurbishment/Demolition Surveys". All samples are processed through a UKAS accredited laboratory and all the data can be provided in asbestos register format.

Stock Rationalisation SurveysREAD MORE

Part of an asset management strategy may well include the provision to acquire additional properties to enhance your profile in a particular area or it may well include the disposal of properties in an area difficult to maintain or gain financial efficiencies. MLCS3 have the expertise available to undertake these types of surveys that in most cases requires a condition survey, asbestos survey and possibly a lodged EPC. Furthermore, our expertise extends to working closely with the valuation team to ensure the information they require to secure acquisition/disposal of the properties is fully met.

Stock Validation SurveysREAD MORE

The phrase "the output is only as good as the input" is often used as a reminder that, regardless of the correctness of the logic built into the asset management software program, no answer can be valid if the input is erroneous. As your potential asset management strategy plan is built upon these very outputs, it is becoming vitally important from an audit perspective that regular validation is undertaken to ensure the information you rely on is true, accurate and consistent. With over 15 years' experience of working with various asset management software systems and undertaking these type of surveys, no business is better placed than MLCS3 to provide this service.